Dandelions – Laura Stamp


The nightmare begins sometime

after midnight.  I dream I’m walking

through the living room and into the

kitchen.  Plaster busts line the counter

beside the sink.  They’re white like

Roman statues.  Maybe Greek.  It’s

hard to tell.  I glance around to see if

others might be perched on the phone

table or the microwave or the stove.

They aren’t.  I turn back to the

sink and see a framed photo of my

mother wedged between the plaster

busts.  That’s when I know what’s

happening.  This is a demon attack.

I blast the photo and the heads.

I don’t even think about it.  I react,

like any warrior.  Battle is battle.

It’s a trained response.  The fireballs

I throw destroy the photo and the

busts.  Instantly, my mother appears

on my left, floating above the ground

in a filmy, white nightgown.  She

acts disoriented.  She seems afraid.

She pretends to be an innocent victim.

She’s not.  I almost laugh.  I guess

this demon thinks masquerading

as my mother, the narcissist, will

rattle me.  It doesn’t.  Instead I walk

away from her in the same way I

left her years ago in my waking life.

My younger brother arrives in a

convertible.  It’s blue, the color of

peace, freedom, flight.  As I climb

into his car something startles me,

and I’m awake.  One o’clock in

the morning, and the love of my

life snores softly beside me.  No

nightmares for him.  Flinging back

the sheets, I hurry to the dresser

and grab my pentacle necklace.

I wrap it around my wrist and sleep

soundly, dreamlessly, after that.

Something startles me again, and

I jump.  “What’s wrong?” I ask.

Brilliant sunlight streams through

the curtains framing the window.

Field sparrows toss their squeaky

songs across the grass.  It’s a

beautiful day.  “You overslept,

sweets,” he says.  I shiver when

I remember.  “I had a nightmare,”

I say.  “I never have those.”

Dreams are omens, signs.  When

I have the time, I’ll peel this one

as if it were an orange, deciphering

its meaning, this dream about

my mother, the narcissist.  And

it’s true.  There are too many

narcissists in my life.  Men and

women.  Mostly men.  I’ve been

weeding them out like the dandelions

that sneak into my garden.  Pushy,

invasive, ego-maniac plants.  I

deserve better than that.  I do.  The

next week, on a morning when

powdered clouds seed a lapis-blue

sky, the love of my life kisses my

cheek as he dashes out the door

to run errands: the bank, the post

office, the grocery store, the gas

station.  He never comes back.

He even left his cat, Hecate, behind

this time.  I didn’t think she could

be happy without him.  She is.

So am I.



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8 responses to “Dandelions – Laura Stamp

  1. Such beautiful words flowing free..yeah it’s a world full of narcissists..agree. Perfect:)

  2. Quite the nightmare…some dreams do indeed seem to be omens.

    • Thanks for commenting! You’re right. Omens, signs, demons, you never know until you wake up and sort through it. But they always mean something. I just wish they were easier to figure out sometimes. Eeeek!

  3. The balance of conscious/subconscious realties…is this all just a dream? Great verse, so familiar I thought for a moment it was my life which you were writing about!?!

    • Hey, Ashley! Wonderful to see you here, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed the poem. Makes my day to hear that. It was great fun to write for the reasons you named…and more!! ~wink~

  4. Wonderful imagery, and I enjoyed your soft tone. It’s sad to see so many people remain trapped in the childish behavior of being self-centered. Just remember to not let the shortcomings of others influence you to fall short yourself – Forgiveness is not permission, its letting the past remain in the past. Keep up the wonderful work!

    • Thanks so much, zZMattZz!! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and I loved your comments about it. Very true what you said about forgiveness. The important thing is to allow the wisdom gained from the past to move us forward. Always moving forward toward our bliss. That’s what counts. Much love to you!! ~bighug~

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