BLUEPRINT – Miguel Jacq


in the barber shop I saw
a man steady
chopping bits of himself off
piece by piece
hair follicles of history
falling to the tiles
to collapse and be gathered
into dust
among anonymous bedfellows

under swiping blade, I saw his
shaved and sliced
into a hundred universes
(never to cast shadows
over witnesses here!)

in the barber shop I saw him
left with
all he has left
the same but not the same

he’ll shower again,
wear his clothes, wash his clothes
dry them in air
blown from elsewhere
and wear them again

I saw his clenched jaw
an essence resolute –
a mechanism,
ancient contraption
with which to lift and
prise open under skies
and exchange verse with
the thin blue line –
the duvet we pull closer
to us as we shift
away from the sun

in the barber shop I saw him
unfold the pages of
a modern day religion
from his wallet,
drag himself to the edge
of the abyss
and jump off

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One response to “BLUEPRINT – Miguel Jacq

  1. Stacey McPhail

    Fab stuff. What a quirky and insightful tale!

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