I Would Lift You Up – Jonathan Noble

Especially dedicated to a very special young woman ~ strong, beautiful, intelligent and talented ~ who holds a very special place in my heart… Praying she finds it an encouraging blessing written in love and bathed in prayer.



by Jonathan Noble


I would lift you up from the pits of hell,

Wake you up from your imprisoning spell;

I would fly you high into the heavens above

For no other reason than my own pure love.


I would chase away the shades of despair,

Gladly free your soul from the Liar’s snare;

I would give you peace with open hands,

And guard you safely from enemy bands.


I would open your eyes to see your worth,

From the womb of God, new life to birth;

Then to heavenly port would sail you away,

To finally live in the joy of unending day.

Yes, if I could, I would; would lift you up…


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3 responses to “I Would Lift You Up – Jonathan Noble

  1. Nicely structured. Good piece of work
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  2. Beautiful, especially since it vibrates compassion and Love….

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