Airless – Nelson Mongiovi

There’s an airless quality
on a beach where
lovers have broken up
Echoes of so many words
so much anger
strangling the stillness
Mirror-calm water
robbed of all softness
drowning discarded dreams
We — have vanished
our commitments no more
than a few rising bubbles
Smooth worn promises
buried in the sand
never to surface again
I come here to remember
that we are in this world
but of this world — no longer.

©2013 All rights belong with the Author.


Filed under General Poetry

3 responses to “Airless – Nelson Mongiovi

  1. Sad, yet much of life is sad. One learns to cope with disappointment. Your poem speaks with poetic magic. I think it is very well done.

  2. You are very kind Marie – thankyou.

  3. mj

    A beautiful reflection of our truth. Thanks!

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