Important News

I have decided to wind down The Poetry Jar.

But if anyone thinks they would like to take over, email me and we can see about transferring the blog over.

It has been a fantastic experience but it is time to move on.


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8 responses to “Important News

  1. Hi why are you winding up poetryajar. It is an awesome concept and I would suggest that he give it a thought of continuing the blog. It’s your baby:)

    • Time is the main problem, I need to re-evaluate and concentrate on improving my photography. Plus there are a few things that require my attention that I keep putting off. I will continue to photoblog my day to day shots on my other blog:). I was hoping someone had the time to give this blog some development.

      • Hi Bruce.

        I have been thinking of starting an online poetry magazine that would explore the concept of using creative forms of poetry/writing to access highly technical disciplines and language. I come from an accounting research background and this concept is gaining popularity in allowing students/laypeople who have not been exposed to the accounting ‘mystique’ before, to consider alternative approaches of the images behind financial language. I would be interested in speaking with you further about perhaps taking over the blog and developing it further, perhaps with links to academia?

        Looking forward to hearing from you,


      • This is good to hear, I will see how to transfer a blog. will you keep the current content or remove it ?

  2. Wow that is great news. At this point in time I don’t see any reason to remove the content already archived, although I would probably shuffle things round a little bit to suit the new direction of where I am hoping to take it. That might mean renaming the archived material as ‘pre-change’ or something similar…or not. I suppose it depends on user feedback and also of course, on how you would like it to go forward, after all it is your legacy!


  3. Stacey McPhail

    I would be happy to take over for it, although it will be a little while before I reconfigure the design and substance of forthcoming issues 🙂 Just let me know the details.


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