2 Poems by Ravon Jarrett

Little one here comes your mother,
She probably thinks you are talking with a strange man, But she knows not that stranger man knows her baby well enough, For baby to call him daddy.
Mother would scold you,
But not to worry, all mothers are the same, But I think mother will be happy to see us together, Know that you are with me who she calls stranger man.
Mother has been busy all day working hard to get you food, To fill the stomach of little baby.
All thought you would not say a word,
All thought you were dumb,
But you surprised all who thought alike, The words from you mouth fill the hearts of MEN With great joy the joy known by only mother.
Over there comes in father,
Great wonder you think what’s coming your way?
Nothing the earth can’t handle, for the earth has seen it all, Fathers too are like that, they never have time to find out What the child is all about, Here run not away but to mother, She’s got goodies for you, I just have a little for you, Father has it all.
You would be off to bed now,
You may not see me tomorrow,
But you’ll be in bed with mother and father, Child on your heels to father, His arms are wide open waiting to receive you, Don’t be afraid he would not hurt you that’s a promise to you No one would take you away from me.
©2013 All rights belong with the Author.

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