The Grim Reaper’s Invoice – Stacey McPhail


The fashion of his entrance, well that’s up to you
You at least have power of exiting this door
Murder, sacrifice, disease might have slain you
But the reaper is there in eternal encore
Different cultures have their own beliefs
But a common theme is the expense of it all
Death’s invoice might be a danake for Charon
Or a righteous life story in St Peter’s thrall
But I think perhaps there are death taxes hidden
Unconsidered clauses of this door-to-door salesman
The rippling grief of the living comes unbidden
The slack and steep incline – that’s if we can
Your destined door, however it’s built
Once opened leaves a shadow that taxes us all
But the Reaper’s invoice has one soft lilt
The currency is maddening but we still stand tall
©2013 All rights belong with the Author.


Filed under General Poetry

4 responses to “The Grim Reaper’s Invoice – Stacey McPhail

  1. Thanks for posting this Bruce 🙂

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