Simple Raindrops – Shards Of DuBois



watchin’ raindrops race down the window glass

one seems to skid his way to the bottom

another takes detours scooting and stalling

an express slipping along in a canal

previously etched by a slammer

or maybe a determined scooter

cheating gets him pool time

skid row hits the vertical tracks

disappears in an unseen suck

forever molded between metal and sill

the scooter meets up with a staller

joining forces into warp speed

disintegrate into a quick spit

the slow droolers last the longest

changing direction bit by bit

a legion reaching the bottom eventually

their intended goal

“Is that it?”


Filed under General Poetry, Painting

12 responses to “Simple Raindrops – Shards Of DuBois

  1. I love it ..must saw watching raindrops race down the window glass at home or on my scooter is ma fav tp:)

  2. Soumyajit Pradhan

    Beautifully written! 🙂

  3. A very witty and visual write…really enjoyed it.

  4. Watching rain run down a window pane. Yes there is a saying.

  5. It’s raining here, as I read this… and, I had to look at the raindrops on the window. I’ll definitely be seeing the raindrops on the windows in a new way after this poem. Really like it!

  6. OH WOW! Thank you ALL!!! glad you enjoyed it! just a bit of whimsy!! 😉

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