“Masquerade” – Christine Chambers

Sometimes what something represents is not what it is… there is emptiness in the world people have forgotten why we are here…. we lay waste to our lives in the pursit of what we cannot find missing the things that are obvious…toys and baubles and trinkets only infect us with greed…remember what is significant…. remember to believe….

Motive masquerades as animated civility…
Humanity cloaks its deceit in dignity…
Dragging skeletons out of the closet …teaching them to waltz
We dress them up in fancy clothes to disguise the bones
Ventriloquist dummies spout political nonsense …
With hinged mouth and vacant eyes…
Marionettes on invisible strings whirl with dizzying speed
Glittering jewels made of paste lay against flawless porcelain skin Rag doll frames covered in eyelet lace with gossamer trains The puppet master…… just another mime in a circus parade… Trapped in the box of his insignificance… pull the strings mimic the Words… empty faces fill desolate spaces… playacting at being alive Cold hearts… vacant stares…crank the handle… hear the song… Out pops Jack as if there is nothing wrong… Imported … exported Turned inside out… the scarecrow stands in the field… cast off clothes Stuffed full of straw …created for the task at hand… no shiny baubles Or trinkets adorn just a broom in his right hand…. hand puppets peek from Behind tiny curtains to entertain the youth of the age…. With Slapstick humor and homemade hearts… there are toy soldiers lined up in a row……….. Like time they are marching on…..

©2013 All rights belong with the Author.


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8 responses to ““Masquerade” – Christine Chambers

  1. Wonderful: Ventriloquist dummies spout political nonsense …
    With hinged mouth and vacant eyes…

  2. love it..the balderdash of the world engulf in ridiculous ranting..one name it one get it, politicians who shout their mouth..hhehee its my add on:)

  3. Very poignant; very true. Kudos to Christine Chambers.

  4. Bruce Ruston

    Thank you all for your comments

  5. down to the bones writing on this one. Images are wonderful.

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