Conversations with silence – Meenakshi Jauhari Chawla

Sometimes I hear
holes in our conversation –
where the words are wrong,
maybe, too right –

Sentences… phrases…
untidy bunches of meaning,
word-flakes that attach themselves
any which way
to thoughts expressed –
and so, between your telling and my hearing
a syllable is tossed away, the creased brow
left unsaid.
Our conversation is
phrases pinning
a smile on an unhappy day,
a confusion sentenced away!

Like a lightbulb throwing Pinocchio penumbras
on white walls,
a line could insinuate
a rebel impression –
swollen, woolly-mouthed, or
shriveled, sorry-faced…
and always asymmetrical.
That’s the trouble with conversation –
it seethes with perfection.
Oh, let’s just be silent,
silent with each other –
no words –
no sentences –
no talk at all…
so there will be no holes
in our conversation.
©2013 All rights belong with the Author.


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3 responses to “Conversations with silence – Meenakshi Jauhari Chawla

  1. Bruce Ruston

    The Poetry Jar welcomes Meenakshi Jauhari Chawla again with the second of two poems.
    You can find more poems here

  2. mj

    Thank you for putting this up here.

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