You Were There – Allison Grayhurst

I thought of you
when the stones were thrown
from prairie ground.
I called to you in mornings,
weak with doubt and faced
by terrible extremes.
I ran to you when in the quiet of my room,
the walls oozed unloving shadows
and my heart could find no connection.
I talked to you in restaurants, in words
I dare never reuse.
I found you in my breadbox
and in the eyes of my enemy.
I want you though my wanting is broken
by distraction and gnarled by blunt fear,
but wanting and wanting
your hand on my shoulder
and your voice for all time
(subtle or strong) pressed
within my breathing air.

©2013 All rights belong with the Author.


Filed under General Poetry

4 responses to “You Were There – Allison Grayhurst

  1. Bruce Ruston

    This is the fourth poem by Allison Grayhurst, I hope you have been enjoying her poetry as much as I have. You can read more of her work here

  2. “the walls oozed unloving shadows” is a great line!!!

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