The Walk After the Scene – Neal Emanuelson

The mind wavers in sleep and exhaustion
Teasing eyelids with heavy hands
And pleasing the sight of many faces
The talk is trash, the drink is a medium

Passing the point of no return
A leak or two in the presence of strangers
The admiration of actions so perversed
And the thrill of body-to-body dance

The ideas and movements differ so suddenly
And the will blows like a puff of smoke
And yet the stress of return is ever present
When the hangover never comes

And so the waiting begins and the calls unanswered
The worry rises and the concern grows slow
Trepdatious and timid the time flies without notice
And the fear overcomes the mind

And yet, walking in slow unison and speech
with smiles, laughs, or cries
the story goes on until it is left unfinished
With the only one standing is me.

©2013 All rights belong with the Author.

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One response to “The Walk After the Scene – Neal Emanuelson

  1. Bruce Ruston

    The Poetry Jar welcomes another poem from Neal Emanuelson

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