Without Covers – Allison Grayhurst

Because of lips
perfectly full and pulsing,
and hair, black and living like
sea creatures fathoms below that swirl
their strong bodies through the thick dark,
I knelt next to your tallness
and placed my hands in the centre
of your torso. Like feminine blood
your muscles moved, shivering with touch.
Your man’s heart rocked, unconscious
of every thought, and night became for us
a different thing. Came in the colours
of coral reef flowers, came like wet moss
in the hand, came like swallowing
a falling star, like paint dripping through the hair,
as our two bodies merged. And as your thin neck
turned, our closed eyes saw together every
abstract condition collapse, in the flow
of undulating flesh, in the broken frame
of one another’s mortal love.

©2013 All rights belong with the Author.


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2 responses to “Without Covers – Allison Grayhurst

  1. This is the third poem by Allison Grayhurst. There are another three poems to be featured here. You can read more of her work here http://allisongrayhurst.com/

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