The Poetry Jar – Prelude Issue


Welcome to a prelude issue of The Poetry Jar,  I am still looking for people to submit their poetry, photography or even a short story. So I thought I would post this prelude issue for your perusal.

So without further ado here is this issues contributors.

Five Mistakes


An illusion to me was believing that the sun could be unset by

traveling this iced path laced with slippery regret.

But marked by my own accord, silvered bee stings from

nightly passions for crimes against myself.

Slithering softly a secretly silenced flow from blade tip

to skin deep are the fears held with the mind’s first


Night-summers crept past my windows locked,

carefully observing my frame weaken from

failed attempts of drowning in my sleep.

As my heart slowed and breathing infrequent,

my mind wandered to darker halls, conversing

within myself for my own answers.

Rejection for help was an ambush set by my mind’s second


All the leaves turned brown as the sky turned to gray

with an unfaithful thought to those I cherished.

With uttered sins against my enemies I lashed out,

“Till the last stands tall will I be undefeated.”

Hubris being a blind path of death to the unwary disguises

Its self well within the needs of the suffering.

Tastes of abnormalities would tempt me to do what I did to

others to myself without choking up with hesitation in the third

riddle of my mind.

Daylight deceivers and no witness with a clue to what has gone

terribly wrong by fusing the thought of nine to one soul.

Recreation of my broken sky, a creation of myself as a product of

hurt by misleading lovers, blinded by love’s desires to be accepted.

Life’s lies lie in life’s wake once your slumber has ended and your

eyes have awakened to the darkness of a fourth vision of an apocalyptic


Are they then over as they began their rampage?

No, never resting are tribulations of simple crimes

embossed to the sacred flesh of time itself.

Followed by my careful hand, shattered by the cares and worries,

I hold on to my broken shield of faith and pursue futures onward.

Thus, the last mistake, proven faulty at most, has been nothing more

than a grim reminiscence of why I exist. And so my mind fails to conceive

Its last oblivion.

Neal Emanuelson


©2013 Bruce Ruston

Coffee Shop II

She sits not far from the window
and I am not engaged
she knows me too well
then three months
later I meet, that one
the person who
makes the window

she is all, there
is no window

not now

Bruce Ruston

There will be more poetry from Allison Grayhurst later in the week, so watch out for that coming up. Much Thanks to Neal Emanuelson for sending me his excellent poetry.

So this has been the prelude issue of The Poetry Jar brought to you by me. Bidding you a happy week and salutations.

Bruce Ruston


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4 responses to “The Poetry Jar – Prelude Issue

  1. Hi Bruce 🙂 will try to submit some of my photography (more poetic) for you to check out and if you see fit post. Thanks for the follow. Best, Micael

  2. Hey Bruce, feel free to use whatever you’d like in my tab “Behold my Muse, 2012 or 2013” pages. Although you’d have to get katleens permission to use her paintings, there are a few I used as a muse, but we have an agreement. all the rest are my photo’s, crappy as they are…lol But I would be honored if you wanted to use any of my musing poems. they are posts originally you can just reblog, but later I put them in the muse tabs, you can just copy and paste. let me know… and thanks for the follow. Shards.

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