Between Two Places – Allison Grayhurst

Nowhere I nestle –

my lover’s away

and my horse has lost his pasture.

Under the lawnmower,

cut up like a paperdoll.

I will run down hallways,

find my good sign and a pond to drink from.

I will go in one direction, bring

my hands to my temples and think.

Think of a wet log by a river, of a

porcupine in the wood. I will count

the sparrows in the sky and when I’m done,

I will gather stones and call them beautiful.

But now there is this swaying road and my

albino heart. I am scattered, blurred

like a blueberry smeared upon a mirror.

Close at hand – the cable wire and the drugs.

I will find my bed, salvation in the bathwater.

I will tip the basket on its side,

feeding on the fruits that were once censored

morally denied.

©2013   All rights belong with the Author.


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2 responses to “Between Two Places – Allison Grayhurst

  1. The Poetry Jar welcomes Allison Grayhurst. This is the first of six poems to be featured here. You can read more of her work here

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