An update on the new direction of ‘The Poetry Jar’!

8th July 2013,

Hello to all aspiring writers and poets!

I have recently taken over this blogzine from its creator Bruce Ruston, who has decided to focus on other artistic endeavours at this time.

I have many thoughts and goals on the new direction of The Poetry Jar, the main aspiration being to provide a platform that explores the ability of different forms of creative writing, to access unconventional disciplines that would not traditionally be associated with the creative arts.

At this point in time, I would like to put forth a call for submissions of poetry/short stories/dialogues that marry creative frameworks with unconventional subject matter. There is no limit on creativity, imagination and scope.

There is no payment made for published material. All copyright rests with the writer. Please feel free to publish work elsewhere simultaneously.


Stacey McPhail



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All About – Debbi Antebi

My colleague asked me what I thought about

The manager who made a big scene about

The associate who criticized the company about

The analysts who knew nothing about

The interns sending emails about

The rumors spreading into just about

Everyone’s lives

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Your worries her worries should worries right worries

Right words wanted words guilty words words at all

Shock not shock blasé normal routine crying appropriate reaction

Selfish thoughts is this a dream pinch pinch pinch

Comfort how help me help yourself love you

Strong healthy whats life meaning no meaning round worlds

Fantasy comfort lie to yourself what can I do


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Seeking Submissions

I am currently seeking submissions. Please feel free to send me your work via the normal route. Usual terms apply 🙂

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Lilith in the Patriarchy – Stacey McPhail

Hewed in form twice removed is not Lilith’s

Shackles can be riveted flesh of the flesh.

Words and the World iteratively peg shame
as Time and Social Media fuck together.

Wombs cannot find purchase, and we can’t
all be named Sarah.

She seeks justification in patriarchy;

She cannot see her freedom from the finite.

She is endless, cup overflowing and identifies
the deity without possessive pronouns.

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